They Say Love Is Embarrassing

by Pelican Sister

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cyclostome these are such gentle, sincere tunes and i dig them so much! thanks for making this :) Favorite track: Carolina.
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tx for listening


released July 20, 2016

Pelican Sister is: Pelican Sister

Thank you Degnan Smith aka Naked Days for playing the riff in 'Drive.' Your fingers are agile and well-spoken, much appreciated



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Pelican Sister Virginia

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Track Name: Comeback
you know the night falls and it always comes back
you know the day breaks and it always comes back

someone is crying, you don't know their name
and you look out the window and you see it come back

you forget for a while, you take a long walk there
then you look at the sky and then it all comes back

someone is calling, it's your old house saying,
"I still love you, won't you please come back"
Track Name: Carolina
Carolina, I saw you smile
But I did not see what you were looking at

Carolina, it's been so long
Do you remember my old song?
I did not have such a strong voice
But I sang it for the hurricane

The clouds they scared me, went to the doctor
He told me to get out of my head

Look at Caroline
She looks so nice
Even with her
Hair all undone

Carolina, I'm so much older
And all my family, they're older too now

We think of you in stormy weather
All those raindrops,
They look so angry

Carolina, I saw you smile
But later that night I heard you crying
Carolina, I saw you smile
But later that night I heard you howling
Track Name: The Bridge
friends tell friends to shut up
friends tell friends to grow up
friends tell friends the best time to go away
and aren't we the best of friends?

honestly honesty's not the strongest part of me
I would lie to get what I want
I am not afraid to tear this apart
I am not afraid to tear myself apart

self deconstruction's the only constructive
thing I can think of to do
I am growing bored of myself
I would do anything
Track Name: Drive
this drive is killing my drive

oh and my words ain't working for me
I wanna see you in the morning
when we part and the whole world
seems to be right in front of us
I'm hiding out under covers
and you pull me out just to push me in
don't wanna make bad promises
don't wanna lose you in the morning

oh and this work ain't working for me
gotta write my name on your forehead
you're always forcing forth a smile
you're always forcing back denial
and when you say girl, you look healthy
is that just a way to say I look less fat?
know that you exist within me
don't wanna lose you in the morning
Track Name: Question of the Year
you come in so soft
so I can understand
just what you need
some thing true and palpable
overhead lights off
overhead arms taking off your shirt

but I am not so straightforward
and now you're posing
what everyone is posing now
I swear it's the question of the year

what do you want
what do you want in life
what do you want right now
how can you even decide
sleeping on the side of your face
well all I want's a good life
and a good heart to give you home